The sea that I miss

Dec 2019


At the top of the Terevaka hill in Easter Island last February 2014, where sky and sea become one around us us.

A tribute to my mother Ana Luisa Bustamante Moncada

A tribute to my mother Ana Luisa Bustamante Moncada

A TRIBUTE TO MY MOTHER ANA LUISA BUSTAMANTE MONCADA. She was great, the smartest person I have ever met even though most of the time she was in a not-really-good-mood. Born in 1922, she became MD in 1954, loved all her patients, studied the whole life (she knew about the Universe, ancient cultures, how to construct a wall, carving wood, oil painting, ceramic…), did and undid permanently a lot of things, slept just few hours a day and raised two daughters by herself. She died in April 9 2009 at 86 in a brave way, accepting the cancer which put her on bed for almost three months, at home, surrounded by the really loved ones.

Cordillera de Los Andes

Cordillera de Los Andes

Andes Mountain